XBOX 360 Samsung DVD Drive Belt – Stuck DVD Drive

One of the common faults on the original style Microsoft XBOX 360 is the DVD Drive tray failing to open all the time, this usually happens with the Samsung TS-H943 drive (you can identify the Samsung drive by looking at the tray photo below). It could be that it opens when the console is horizontal but not vertical. Or you may have to poke the tray, or tap the top or rear of the console to get it open. When the eject button is pressed the tray moves slightly, the power LED blinks and the dashboard thinks the drive is opening, then it thinks its closing etc. You might also find that it opens fine if you have a disc in the drive already.

There is a small rubber belt that opens the tray, this may have stretched slightly due to heat or it may be slightly slippery. It is possible to remove this small belt WITHOUT opening up your console and voiding your warranty (although that’s probably long gone!). You have to be very careful, ideally you need a pair of long tweezers.

XBOX 360 Drive Tray

XBOX 360 Tweezers

Power your console up and do what it takes to get the drive to eject! Then pull the power lead out of the back of the console so it’s switched off with the tray open.

Not shown in these photo’s, but very important – tie something around the DVD tray so that it can’t close, a piece of string, a rubber band anything that will stop it closing up – once you have removed the belt the tray will open and close freely and if it closes up completely then you may not be able to open it up without taking the whole console and drive apart.

Now, very, very, very carefully use your tweezers to remove the belt shown in the photo. Try and grab a small part of it and pull it off of the small wheel first, keep a good tight grip of it so that you don’t drop it inside of the drive! Finally pull it off of the bigger wheel and out of your console (with the belt removed the tray is loose and closes very easily).

XBOX 360 Belt Wheels

You’ve got a couple of options, some people place the drive belt in just boiled water for a couple of minutes, clean it with alcohol or glass cleaner. Alternatively you can purchase a new belt and fit that. I used one with a 19mm diameter (Maplins part number FD36P). Old belt on the left, new smaller belt on the right (it’s quite a bit smaller, but it stretches and fits perfectly).

XBOX 360 Belts

Please be careful when fitting it, try not to handle it too much as grease from your fingers may cause it to slip once fitted. Fit the belt over the bigger wheel first (it looks like it only just fits over the wheel), and then with a fine screwdriver/tweezers, hook the belt and pull it over the smaller wheel. That’s it – power it all back on and test it out!