SNES IGR (In Game Reset) with SuperCIC

ikari_01 now recommends using uIGR instead by borti4938 – for improved compatibility

SNES modding guru ikari_01, who gave us the amazing SuperCIC (switchless modchip) has released the IGR – In Game Reset.  Although it’s not necessary to use with the SuperCIC mod, it is a nice addition to it.  Here’s how I used the authors info to wire it up to my SuperCIC.

Here’s the extract from the source file detaling how to wire it up…

SNES IGR Wiring Info

I am using it with the SuperCIC, so here’s what I had to do to my existing install

  • Remove wire from Leg 12 from the SuperCIC, solder to Leg 3 of IGR.  Link up SuperCIC Leg 12 to IGR Leg 4 (video mode.  The only black wire coming off of the IGR chip in the photo below).
  • Remove LED wires/resistors from SuperCIC Legs 5 and 6, solder to Legs 5 and 6 of IGR.  Link up SuperCIC Legs 5 and 6 to IGR Legs 9 and 10 (red and green wires in photo)
  • Link SuperCIC Leg 13 to IGR Leg 2, this is the reset signal (blue wire in photo)
  • Link SuperCIC Leg 12 to IGR Leg 4 (thin yellow wire in photo)

I also chose to get +5v and Ground from the SuperCIC chip, and because of the LED I’m using (common cathode/negative) I need to wire IGR Leg 7 to Ground too (purple wire in photo below), and to tell the IGR that it’s working in conjunction with the SuperCIC, wire up Leg 8 to +5v (orange wire in photo below).

It’s quite easy to follow ikari_01’s diagram, here’s a couple of photos showing my finished mod.  Hopefully the coloured wires on the IGR chip make it easy to follow along with the developers diagram.

SNES IGR Overview

SNES IGR Pad Input

Once installed, the reset button on the controller works the same way, here’s how to use the IGR on the joypad..

L+R+Select+ Function
Start Normal Reset
X Long Reset (for ROM carts?)
Y Force 50Hz/PAL Mode (Green LED)
A Force 60Hz/NTSC Mode (Red LED)
B Auto Video Mode, matches cartridge Region (Orange LED)

So now, you don’t have to get off your sofa to change video modes, reset the console etc, particularly useful if you have a ROM cart I imagine :-)