Saturn RGB cable soldered on the Motherboard

Saturn RGB cable soldered on the Motherboard

If like me you have a Saturn and your scart cable is broken and you do not want to buy another one because it’s too expensive this tutorial is for you.
The problem that my Saturn had was that “pins” of the SCART plug were broken into the socket of the console. Here are some images to better understand:

Since I have only one game on the Saturn, I told myself at the moment why invest in a scart cable (which is still an average of 10 €), so i decided to fix it as barbaric by soldering the scart directly on the motherboard of the console. Of course, this is temporary, as impractical, but in the meantime I can play quietly.

Why this mod?

If like me you do not want to invest in another scart cable as a bit expensive or simply if like me you have very few games on it and you rarely use, you will use this mod.

Is this a long term solution?

No. For the simple reason that the soldering are difficult to do (besides, if you do not know – or little – use a soldering iron, I do not recommend this mod for fear of burning something) and that it can move with the times (getting a bit too much on the cable etc. …). So it’s a quick fix and nothing more.

List of equipment:

  •  1 Saturn whatever model
  • Scart Cable Saturn broken
  • A wire cutter (also used to strip the wires)
  • A soldering iron

Here is the schematic:

The red rectangle corresponds to the red rectangle in this picture:

Well, let’s start!
First we must open the console. Unscrew the 5 screws holding the top of the console and remove it gently so as not to break it. You should get this:

Unplug the optical block (the gray cable), then disconnect the ribbon being very careful pulling it, and then finally unscrew the screws holding the optical block (you will see it when you move the optical unit a little on the side):

Then unplug the PSU in the following order:

  1. Loosen the screw that holds the block (lower left block)
  2. Remove the 2 screws holding the outlet of the block behind the console
  3. Disconnect the white plug in the upper left block
  4. Lift the PSU being careful

You should get this:

Remove the plastic plate present on the block. Remove the ribbon port controller being very careful. Then unscrew the screws to remove the iron plate (7 screws in total, do not forget that next to the battery):

Then take out the motherboard and flip side solder to identify the points to solder:

The red rectangle is equivalent to the rectangle in the diagram.
Well after that we will deal with the SCART cable.
First cut with your cutter the plastic around the plug for accessing to the wires:

Cut the connector to get the wires:

Then just strip the cable to have a bit more wire length and strip the wires:

You should end up with 8 different color wire at all: blue, red, orange, white, brown, yellow, green and the ground wire.
Pass the cable through the hole in the video port of the console and then solder the wires according to the schematic given above carefully observing the colors and numbers you should get this:

Be very careful because the soldering are not easy!

Then we will put electrical tape to stick the cable to the motherboard to avoid as it moves because the soldering are very thin and the slightest movement can disconnect one  wire do something like this:

Before closing your Saturn test it to see if it works! It would be stupid to close everything and in the end nothing work and you need to reopen it. Then reassemble your console in reverse order of disassembly paying close attention to your scart cable
If all goes well here’s what you should get:

Caution: When you will screw the screws that hold the iron plate does not tighten because the SCART cable and hinder you overwrite what may cause the disconnection of certain wires.

Good Game!