Programming 29F032 EEPROM on GQ-4X

Quite a few SNES cart mods/translations etc use the 29F032 EEPROM mounted on an adapter board (I used a Type III board from buyicnow).

It’s possible to programme the chip on a Willem type programmer, I spent a while searching the web for the required info, and found it at, who has already said how to program it on a GQ-3X, has provided the file ready to produce the TSOP-to Willem adapter board and also provided a link of where to get the boards made.

However, if you’re using a GQ-4X programmer like I am, you either need to use adapter ADP-053 Extended address header, or adapt the adapter board!

(Midari, who designed the board, has said that he is updating the design so you can solder the extra pins in if using a 4x)

When cutting the pin headers to fit, use 2 extra pins on one side, 1 extra pin on the other. Where those pins can’t go through the board, I cut the pins down.

I actually soldered wires to the pins where they were cut. If I was doing it again, I’d just solder to the longer side of the pin as one of these came off when I was building it!

Here they are wired up to the address pin header. I cut the red a bit too short, so took it back to the via. You could of course solder directly to the solder points of the socket.

I could only get a 40 pin socket, so I had to cut the extra pins off.

The next one I made I used a 40 pin ZIF socket for ease of use.

I’ve used this adapter and had no problems on Windows XP or Windows 7 64bit