GameBoy Screen Light Mods – DMG-01 and Color

Original GameBoy DMG-01 Backlight

I actually prefer this to the GBC Frontlight below.  It’s actually two mods – fitting an hex inverter, and fitting a backlight kit (from nonfinite electronics), I used the v3 version and it’s very easy to fit, I did need to clean the rear of the screen after removing the reflective film, that was the most difficult bit.  Because I’d already inverted the screen with the hex inverter, when fitting the polarising film, I turned it so that it inverted the screen again, taking the screen back to normal – usually called biversion.

The first photo shows the backlight kit fitted.  The second photo is after I rotated the film and then fitted the hex inverter.

backlight onlyBiverted image

The supplier of the backlight has some brilliant YouTube videos that you should follow – parts 1 and 2.  I’ve taken some photo’s of parts of the process as I did one, along with some notes…

I decided to cut a small bit away so that the wires fit without being forced.

I used a Ground point near the regulated power supply point from the video.

The backlight makes the screen unit a bit thicker and can push the Game Boys case outwards, so, it’s only a small change, but I remove this layer of sticky plastic.

GameBoy Color Frontlight

A while back I did this to my GBC, but I forgot where I got the original guide, I’ve since found it again, it’s on another console modding site which has a lot of really interesting guides.  Take a look, it really is very good.

Before photoAfter shotLooks nice with a green Power LED I reckon