GameBoy DMG-01 Screen Invert

This page is nowhere near finished, but I’ve put together some photo’s of me inverting my DMG-01 screen, ready to to a “bivert” mod.  Here’s the original guide that I followed, but in case that site ever goes offline, here’s my photo’s…

You’ll need a 7404 Hex Inverter, I’ve tried 74LS04 and 74HC04 ones and both have worked fine.  Both are 14 pin chips, pin 7 is Ground/GND and pin 14 is VCC (power).

The following photo shows the connector for the screen, you can see a cut I’ve made through two of the traces.  The highlighted legs/dots show which leg of the 7404 chip you need to connect them to.

To save a bit of space, cut a bit off of each leg.

I’m using fine Kynar wire for this, I add a small bit of solder to each of the points that I’m going to attach a wire onto.  The next few photo’s show the wires being attached.

Then put it into place!  You don’t have to secure it, it will hold itself in place when you re-assemble it.

It’s not very easy to do a comparison photo, these are my best efforts.

You should definitely combine this with a backlight which you can invert again when installing, which I’ll do some photo’s of next time I fit one.  It’s an amazing screen.

Biverted image

This info on this page is taken from this site.