XRGB mini Framemeister Power Supply

When I was looking to buy an XRGB mini Framemeister for use in the UK, I was aware that I’d either have to use a stepdown converter for the PSU, or find a replacement PSU.

This is because I’d read that it came with a PSU that expected an input of 100V with an output of 5V at 2.3A.  The tip is 4mm x 1.7mm centre positive.


When mine arrived, I was pleasantly surprised to see that it comes with a slightly more import friendly power supply.  It works perfectly fine with 240V, but because it’s just 2 pins on the plug, you still need some form of adapter to plug it in (but at least it doesn’t need to be a stepdown).


You may also notice that it outputs 5V at 2A now (previously it was 2.3A).  I already had an adapter to let me plug this into a standard UK mains socket, but you can pick these (or something similar) in supermarkets, DIY shops etc.

xrgb-mini_0215 xrgb-mini_0217 xrgb-mini_0218

The adapter I’m using actually came supplied with my original Sony PSP, a launch model PSP1000 from Japan.  I never needed it because I simply plugged in a UK figure 8 cable into the multi voltage PSP PSU.

However, looking at my PSP power supply again (model number PSP-100 for my JPN PSP, and PSP-103 for my UK PSP – not to be confused with the model number of the PSP 1000), it is also 5v at 2A, not only that, but has the correct tip on it, so this could be used to power the XRGB mini.


I was fortunate enough to find a PSU that was a direct replacement (I prefer to never throw out a good PSU, unfortunately I can’t remember what this one came from).  I opted to use this power supply – only because it was a tidier solution for me personally.


I also found a second one, just posting photos so that you can see the model numbers in case you wanted to search for one the same.


If you want a direct replacement, and can’t source a PSP 100 psu, then have a look at these – 1, 2, 3 – that last one is interesting, it says it’s for a Korg KA193, so you could search for other replacement PSU for the Korg.

Once you have the PSU, don’t forget you need to either use JP21 Cables for your consoles, or adapt/replace the input cable that came with your XRGB so that you can use more common Euro Scart RGB cables.