Wii Noisy Drive Fix

Our Wii used to behave itself, I spent quite a while playing No More Heroes and I could hardly hear the Wii running. Then a couple of weeks of being left off, I came home with Wii Fit (yes, I know!), it asked to do a Firmware update and then I noticed that the console was making a horrible loud vibrating noise. It may have done it before the firmware update, but I can’t honestly remember.

Of course it goes without saying, if your Wii is under warranty then this will void it. You may want to contact Nintendo about repairing it.

I hoped it would go away by itself, it didn’t. I read on the internet and found a few people with similar problems, some people had done a firmware update, some not.  There’s a lot of guides on taking the Wii apart.  You CAN have the Wii switched on and disk spinning whilst making these adjustments, just be careful!

I found one guide that recommended playing around with the 4 screws that hold the DVD Drive in place. Loosening a couple of the screws until it sounds right. The screws are circled in red below.

Wii Noisy Drive Fix Options

I couldn’t get that to work though, it made no difference at all :( I then found another guide which suggested a piece of insulation tape rolled up and put in a gap might fix it, I put pressure on the same spot and it made no difference.  That guide didn’t work for me, but it might for you.

I then had to experiment. Check out the blue circle above – I applied very VERY light pressure to different areas of the metal disk, I found the sweet spot and the vibrating noise went away. That was great, but not very practical. I was stumped, this part moves up and down when the disk is inserted etc so it installing something to put pressure on this spot was not possible.

I decided to approach it from underneath the drive now, switch off and undo the 4 screws circled in red above and slow lift the drive up and turn it over, you can place it upside down to the left of the console and still leave all the cables attached to the drive.

I spotted 3 Torx T6 screws that were directly underneath the drive spindle, I thought it was worth a go so switched it all back on again, disk spinning up and I very slowly adjusted each screw in turn, if it made no difference I did my best to put it back in it’s original position. I then realised I left the screw that lined up with the sweet spot mentioned above when pressing on the metal disc. SUCCESS, it went quiet again.

Wii Noisy Drive Fix Options

Now with it all switched off again, screw the drive back in place and put the rest of the console back together but leave the screws out for now. Now play a game for a while, half an hour maybe and check you don’t get any disc read error messages, if you don’t then well done, screw it all back together. If you get an error (I did) then tweak those screws again. Ours has been running fine for a couple of days years now.