Sony PlayStation 1 SCPH-1002 Laser Replacement

The early PlayStation 1 consoles appear to still have quite a following, probably down to those audio people raving about how brilliant the sound quality is on them.  I recently picked up an SCPH-1002 in with a bunch of machines, and it does have a certain ugly charm to it!  Anyway, the laser was prone to start playing up in this, and the SCPH-1000 and SCPH-1001 models.  There’s plenty of good quides on the web on how to restore the laser unit such as one by Mick Feuerbacher, and more from Michaeljohn Mercury.

I however went with the easy option, and swapping out the laser with one from the redesigned PSone console.  It’s quite nice that the last model PS1 has a suitable laser unit to donate to the first model PS1.  Not everyone agrees with sacrificing a donor console, but I guess if you’ve got a PSone that has a different fault or whatever, then in the grand scheme of things, what the heck, it’s a nice easy way of getting the KSM-440BAM Laser Unit needed.

SCPH-1002 Laser Unit

You can see that the spindle is also bust on my old PlayStation, I seem to remember that was quite common with this model as well.  Anyway, it’s connected by two cables, easy to just pull them from their connectors.

SCPH-1002 Laser Unit Screws

Undo those two screws and unclip and remove the black cover.

SCPH-1002 Donor PSone Laser

Herre’s the donor unit, exactly the same process to remove it

SCPH-1002 Swapper Laser Cover

And whilst you’ve got the grey cover off, you could check to see if anything needs greasing up again.

SCPH-1002 Donor KSM-440BAM

Just in case you get your lasers mixed up, that there is the newer one, the KSM-440BAM!

Fitting is just the reverse, pop the black cover onto the newer laser unit, fit the unit back into the console and re-attach the two cables.  Too easy really.