SNK Neo Geo DIY DB15 Controller Plug

These days, I would simply buy a Neo Geo Extension lead from somewhere like Console5, eBay or AliExpress, just search for Neo Geo Extension (or Famicom extension).

You can also pickup cables without the female socket on and instead have bare wires ready to solder – again from Console5, last time I looked I searched on AliExpress for NeoGeo Controller Cable.

I recently started messing around with an MVS, making it into a standalone console using info at and Jamma Nation X.

I also decided to convert a third party SNES pad to use on my CMVS, I chose SNES as I like the design, plus it has a similar button layout to the official Neo joypad and the same colour buttons.

The AES and some MVS boards use a DB15 which is very deep, so it’s not easy to get a female DB15 plug that will fit securely into the socket.

I decided to modify a standard DB15 so that it does fit a lot better, plus it then fits into a DB9 casing, the end result isn’t too bad looking.

Start by cutting the sides off of a standard DB15 female plug.

Neo Geo Plug DB15

Now you can pull the metal casing away, it should come of easy as the two support holes either side of it were holding it together.

Neo Geo Plug DB15 Opening

Not only does the metal casing come off in two parts, but the plastic plug separates into two pieces also.

Neo Geo Plug DB15 Pins

Pop the pins out, pushing them from the solder side.

Neo Geo Plug DB15 Pins Removed

A bit later you’ll be gluing these two parts back together, so smooth them off, I have only sliced bumpy bits off, but really you should sand them so that they are nice and flat.

Neo Geo Plug DB15 Smoothed Off

Now you need to cut away the lip around the largest bit of plastic, I started by cutting it away with some side cutters, then smoothed it off with a scalpel blade (can you tell I can’t find my sand paper!)

Neo Geo Plug DB15 Trimming

Neo Geo Plug DB15 Trimming Edge

Neo Geo Plug DB15 Trimmed Edge

Neo Geo Plug DB15 Reverse Fitting Test

Now push the pins back into place, but this time they are going in on the opposite side. Just check the following photo. Push the solder side of the pin through the hole.

Neo Geo Plug DB15 Inserting Pins

Nearly finished now, push the two pieces of plastic together as a test fit. You can see that the piece of plastic that has the pins in it has a little lip around where it’s a tiny bit bigger than the other piece of plastic. I cut this away also.

Neo Geo Plug DB15 Plastic Complete

That’s it finished being cut up, and I’ve glued the two parts together now. Then finally glued the metal casing into place.

Neo Geo Plug DB15 Metal Casing

Neo Geo Plug DB15 Metal Casing Fitting

Here’s how it fits into a DB9 socket now.

Neo Geo Plug DB15 Housing

I left the glue to set, so here’s one I prepared earlier! Soldered up from my custom pad.

Neo Geo Plug DB15 Wired Up

And a comparison shot from an authentic SNK pad plug.

Neo Geo Plug DB15 Comparison

DB15 pinout for pads/sticks

Pin # Description Your Wire Colour
1 Common Ground
2 NC (No Connection)
3 Select
4 D Button
5 B Button
6 Right
7 Down
8 (VCC +5v) *
9 (D Button) **
10 NC
11 Start
12 C Button
13 A Button
14 Left
15 Up

* used on some newer Neo pads and sticks, for the purpose of this guide though, it’s not needed.

** not used on regular pads and sticks – used on the mah-jong controller.

Summary of Components

  • Female DB15 Plug
  • DB9 Housing