SNES Power LED Removal

If you’re performing the SNES Switchless Modchip/SuperCIC mod, then you’ll need to remove the Power LED from your console.  It’s not too difficult, just a bit fiddly!

PAL Super Nintendo &
JPN Super Famicom

Both of these variations of the console have the same style controller board with LED fitted, and it’s a lot easier doing this on this model (the USA SNES is a pain in the rear!).

Start by de-soldering the legs of the existing LED (I use a pretty basic solder sucker/de-soldering pump for this), then cut them as close to the circuit board as possible.

SNES Power LED De-soldered LegsSNES Power LED Legs Pushed Flat

Now push what’s left of the legs through the circuit board, making it possible to pull the LED out (possibly with the help of a screwdriver!)

SNES Power LED Legs Released

SNES Power LED Pulling LED Out


A little bit more difficult than the above!  Start by unclipping and seperating the front controller port unit – you’ll probably have to unwind the ribbon cable.

SNES USA LED 1 Unclipping

SNES USA LED 2 Taking ApartDe-solder the legs of the existing LED and cut them as close to the circuit board as possible.  Whilst you’re de-soldering, do the same for the first 3 contacts of the nearby controller port – this is so that you can bend the board to allow removal and fitting of LEDs without it snapping!

SNES USA LED 3 De-Soldering

SNES USA LED 4 Bending

I’m fitting a dual colour LED for the SuperCIC mod, so bent all three legs at a right-angle and test fitted it.

SNES USA LED 5 Test FittingThe LEDs I use for this mod have a common cathode (negative) leg, it’s the middle leg.  I forgot to photograph it, but you should be able to make out that I cut this leg short, and soldered it in place where the old LED negative leg was.

SNES USA LED 6 Negative Leg

Finally you can see I bent and trimmed the remaining 2 legs and soldered the relevant wires to them.