Sega Saturn Mod Chip Notes

Sega Saturn Mod Chip Notes

If you want a pain free way of playing CDr discs on your Saturn, then I think the best solution is to install a modchip, the alternatives are hunting down some old/rare’ish carts, doing disc swaps, messing around with the lid switch etc.  I guess once you get used to a method, you don’t mind it, I’m just used to having the modchip fitted.

If your Saturn has a CD drive that attaches to the motherboard with a 21 pin cable, then you’re in luck, there’s a few shops selling a suitable modchip and they usually provide excellent online guides for installing it.  Have a look at and Racketboy for example.

If you have a CD drive that attaches using a 20 pin cable (Model 1 Saturns with oval buttons, and some very early Model 2’s I think), then it’s a lot more difficult.  I haven’t seen a suitable chip for sale for years.  You can mod your modchip though!

Here’s the best guide I’ve seen for it, along with some more info.  Here’s a copy of the original guide should Sega Style ever vanish

Since this post was created, there is now a Universal Saturn Modchip available!  Another is available via ASSEMBler