NTSC Sega Saturn and PAL Scart Leads

The AV Socket on PAL and NTSC Sega Saturns are configured slightly differently.  You may have noticed when searching online for an RGB Scart lead that some shops list PAL and NTSC Scart leads seperately?  I never paid much attention to this before, but now that I have a JPN Saturn console, I wanted to use my official PAL Saturn RGB Scart Lead with it.

I found this forum post by KillerBean2 at Sega16 which explained the difference.  I didn’t follow the instructions exactly, I preferred to cut the trace to Pin 1 and then solder a wire from Pin 1 to the Transistor supplying 9v.

Not all Saturn motherboards have 9v from the PSU connected to the motherboard, you can connect up the 5v from Pin 4 instead – this means it will switch your TV into widescreen mode (assuming it).

Just in case the forum post ever goes –

To be honest, I’d probably just buy the suitable C-Sync cable from somewhere like retrogramingcables now, rather than perform this mod.  But that’s just my preference!