Neo Geo MVS MV1C Consolisation CMVS

I recently fancied making myself a new CMVS using the very popular MV1C board.

I’ve completed the project, I just need to gather up all the info I used or figured out and will keep updating this post.

For now, here’s some scraps of info…

Update – July 2020, last time I made a CMVS, I used a PCB to get the proper RGB and Sync signals, check out philnotfound on GitHub.

For ease of constructing this CMVS, I wanted to keep the majority of the soldering to the underside of the board, so using a multimeter I traced the controller ports to find alternative solder points for them.

MV1C Controller Points

To make the inside of the cartridge slot look as neat as possible, I took some measurements and made a template to print and then cut out of a sheet of thin plastic.

The black plastic sheet I used was the cover from a document wallet that I picked up after browsing around a Stationery shop (my local craft shop didn’t have any sheets of suitable plastic).

The above photos are my first attempt.  I’ve got a second Hammond enclosure to make another – this time having learnt from my mistakes (I cut the cart slot too big, and I manage to mark the casing in a couple of places!).

Oh yeah, you don’t have to fit the plastic ends that are supplied with the enclosure, I prefer the overall look of it without the plastic end pieces in place.  You can just screw the metal end plates directly in place!