Dreamcast VGA ScanLines

The Dreamcast picture in VGA is stunning, and if you’ve been on gaming forums recently, or browsing my site then you may have seen that a few retro gamers want ScanLines on their modern HD TV when they play retro games.  You can achieve this with the off the shelf products such as the ArcadeForge SLG3000 and Toodles T-SLG, or if you fancy soldering (that is why you are here right?), then you can add the DIY SLG to your DC VGA Box.

Please read my original ScanLine guide.  I had to make the board using the 74LS74 and 74LS125 chips (not the new HC versions of these chips), this was because the on-off-on switch to switch between odd-off-even scanlines doesn’t seem to work with the HC chips.

Anyway, here’s a few photos and notes I made whilst doing it….

DC VGA SLG Capacitor To Move

DC VGA SLG Desoldering Capacitor

I decided to mount my scanline generator in the area where I’ve put a red square, this meant I had to relocate a capacitor.  If you have to do the same thing then take a note of which point the negative leg of the capacitor is soldered to.

DC VGA SLG Capacitor Moved

DC VGA SLG Capacitor Moved

I originally decided to simply put the capacitor on the bottom of the circuit board, I thought there was room in my box for this, but turns out there wasn’t, so I had to attach it to some wire and route it to some spare space (hopefully you can see that in the photo of the casing above.

DC VGA SLG Board In Place

There’s my scanline board board stuck in place (double sided foam tape)

DC VGA SLG Socket Labelled

DC VGA SLG Socket Wired Up


The photo’s above show the points for the VGA signal, and the power and GND points I decided to use.

DC VGA SLG Finished

DC VGA SLG Finished, Switch Fitted

DC VGA SLG Finished, Switch Fitted

I’ve fitted an on-off-on switch, so I can select odd/even scanlines, or no scanlines at all.  It took me while to find some the right size (it was eBay in the end), seems that people with model railways use them a fair bit.  Here’s how I cut the holes for switches.