Dreamcast Replacement Rechargeable Battery

Here’s a little bit of info on replacing the internal rechargeable battery on the Sega Dreamcast.  eBay/Aliexpress/Amazon have plenty of people selling vertical holders for CR2032 batteries.

Of course, we can also rely on Bad_Ad84 for them also!

These holders are a direct fit in the Dreamcast.  Just be sure to also purchase a rechargeable 3 volt 2032 sized battery to install into the holder – such as the ML2032.  Please don’t install a regular CR2032 battery!

If you want, you can skip using a rechargeable battery and fit a regular CR2032, just remember to fit a BAT85 Diode as per Voultar’s video.

When removing the existing battery, I found it easier to add some extra solder to the three points where it is attached to the circuit board.  EDIT – since I did this mod, I noticed that the LIR2032 battery in the photo is 3.6v, whilst the battery it is replacing is 3v – I now use Maxell ML2032 batteries.

The vertical battery holder has + and – symbols indented on each side, they could be difficult to see when you open the Dreamcast up to swap the battery in a few years time.  To compensate for this I use a paint pen to quickly and easily fill in the indentations.

A nice and simple replacement, that will make replacing it in the future even easier!

Whilst you’re doing this, you might want to further future proof your console by replacing the Fuse with a self resetting PolySwitch Fuse also.