Core Grafx RGB Mod

This is out of date now, if/when I get another PC Engine I will try out an RGB mod using the THS7374 Amp, similar to the N64 RGB mod.

Well, the Core Grafx (and Turbo Grafx?  and the CD-ROM based systems?) already have a 5 Pin Din socket installed.  It’s relatively easy to replace this with an 8 Pin Din.

So, I’m not going to re-write the PC Engine RGB and Amplifier Guides, but here’s some extra photos and info showing what to do..

You may find the the 8 pin din socket you’ve bought has a slightly different pin configuration

You have a couple of options with this,  you can alter the motherboard in your console, by drilling a couple of holes to line up with the different spaced out legs.

Or, and this is probably easier and is a bit less drastic!  You can unclip the Din sockets, and swap the small metal plate over that has those legs on (this is assuming your sockets are the same as the ones I used, which have the required holes in them already to support the different leg layout).

You’ll also notice that I snipped off the legs of the back three contacts, we’re not going to make holes in the board for those, we’ll solder to the rear of the contacts/legs instead for the RGB signals.

I’ve stuck some insulating tape over the spot where the extra legs of the new 8 pin din socket would go, this is just a precaution as I know I cut them off short enough so that they don’t touch the motherboard, I’m overly cautious I guess.

The white wire soldered on here is for the RGB Amp.

I decided to wire up the RGB Amp so that it attaches to the back of the din socket

Leaving you to wire up the cable now, here’s the pinout of the consoles (borrowed from