Adding Rumble Motor to SCPH-1180 Analog Pad

Back in the day I remember rushing out to buy the latest Dual Analog Pad so that I could play Ape Escape when it was released (apes!!).   The pad was the SCPH-1180, and looks similar to the more common (released a bit later) DualShock pad, the most obvious difference is that the analog sticks are concaved I guess, and it doesn’t have any rumble/vibration motors (unlike the original release japanese model – SCPH-1150).  Anyway, this isn’t WikiPedia, there’s much more history on there.

Just out of curiousity, I wanted to add rumble to my pad, I was taking it apart anyway to stop the analog sticks rotating when they shouldn’t.  So, I already had a DualShock pad which had chewed wires and was sunfaded and really dirty, so the smaller motor from that was a suitable donor.

SCPH-1180 Donor Rumble Motor

This is a very easy modification.  A guide is hardly needed, but at least you know now it’s possible.  Desolder the motor from the donor pad, and place it in the holder that Sony kindly left in place in the Dual Analog Pad.  You solder the wires to the point labelled J1, black goes to 1, red to 2 (at least that worked for me!)

SCPH-1180 Ready for Motor

SCPH-1180 Rumble Motor Installed

It really is that simple.  Not all games recognise it unfortunately, I went into the options screen on Metal Gear Solid and the Vibration Options were missing, but appeared when plugged a regular DualShock in.

SCPH-1180 Rumble Motor Fitted

SCPH-1180 Pad

Anyway, the original reason I was taking it apart was to glue the analog sticks to their metal posts, over time they had worked loose and would rotate freely, meaning your thumb slipped off far too easily.  This isn’t rocket science, I literallly just put some glue around the top of the metal posts and pushed the sticks back on, superglue probably isn’t suitable for this, I put a small dab of E6000 on the top of the metal posts, I prefer that to superglue really.  Whatever you use, just be careful it doesn’t run down and into the workings of the analog unit.

SCPH-1180 Glue Needed