Small Update

Hey, look the site has a new layout!  I’ve not been involved in the ‘retro’ scene for a long time now, during that time my site has been static and I’ve contemplated shutting it down on more than on occasion.  Now I’ve decided to try and compromise and do some updates on the old info contained here and see how that goes.

Since I created mmmonkey things have (thankfully!) moved on in leaps and bounds in the retro gaming world.  Gone are the days when methods to modify a SNES were tucked away in a text file on a couple of sites or a Mega CD MultiBIOS was was only available in one place alone.  Now we have many hobbyists and professionals fine tuning already established mods and creating new ones, at such a rate that I could never keep up and cover them like I used to.

Over time (a long time!) I will go through and try to update each of my guides with links to where I would go if I was doing the mod today.  On some occasions I will remove one of my guides completely if it is no longer relevant (or even dangerous).

I’ve also turned comments off, having read recent comments most were either a nice thank you or asking questions – I’m never going to have the time to respond to these so by removing comments I’m removing peoples expectations to get a response.  Sorry if this disappoints some visitors.


I’ve restored a contact form, hopefully with enough protection that I don’t get spammed.

I’ve just remembered that I removed the old copy of my site (the brown and yellow version) and there was still stuff that was never transferred over to this WordPress site.  I’ll try and get things transferred over in the future.