New Wiki

Video Game Hardware Preservation: Wiki & More

When I first started this site, my aim was to collect up guides that I’d found elsewhere on the internet and post my experience of trying them out.

I hardly ever get the time to update my site anymore, which is a shame as I still dip in and out of retro gaming and hardware modding.

Recently I hear about Bob over at RetroRGB and his plans for a new not-for-profit company to run a site which will be of interest to all gamers – current and retro.

It sounds like just the type of site I would love to visit and use as my main resource for mods.

I’ve just made a donation via Indiegogo and if any of the information or photographs from my site is useful, I’ll add/donate them to the new Wiki.

I urge you to have a look at what Bob wants to achieve and think about making a donation.  If you’ve ever used my site to perform some mods and found it useful and want to give something back to the retro and modding community, then please consider making a donation to Bobs project!

Just in case you need that link again!  Video Game Hardware Preservation: Wiki & More